Waves on a very deep ocean which you are…

stillness below the ocean's surface

Occasionally I read a sutra that’s too beautiful not to share. This one describes purusha as seeing the changeability of our experiences (prakriti) as surface waves in the deep ocean which we are… Divine.


Consider all the pain and all the pleasure

You have ever experienced

As waves on a very deep ocean which you are.

From the depths, witness those waves,

Rolling along so bravely, always changing,

Beautiful in their self-sustaining power.

Marvel that once, you identified with

Only the surface of this ocean.

Now embrace waves, depths, undersea mountains,

Out to the farthest shore.

Source: Radiance Sutras – Insight Verse 136 – by Lorin Roche





Deb Halliday

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Deb Halliday is a mama, yogini, designer and facilitator. She currently teachers yoga at Hot Yoga Helena. A 300-hour certified Prana Vinyasa® + Soulful Wellness teacher with the Samudra School of Yoga, she channels our natural energetic flow to share a practice that truly is movement alchemy. As a yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, Deb explores spanda, the elements and our energetic body in motion. When she’s not dancing with the divine, she’s channeling it through her firm, Halliday & Associates, working with communities to harness the creative spirit and commitment of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and the public/private sector to tackle complex, systemic challenges.

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