What is Purusha?

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Coming in out of the rain

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go through our days without being consumed by worries, doubts, anxieties and fears? Sometimes our lives feel like there’s a slow leak in the bathtub – a constant, steady drain on our vitality and creativity. And then other times, we navigate our world with grace and patience, even though our external circumstances – our relationships, work, habits – are the same.

In yogic philosophy, there are two phenomena to describe our experience of the world: prakriti and purusha. Prakriti describes everything that is changeable, like the weather, our thoughts, feelings and our body, the social-political world. It describes all natural phenomena, because everything is in some way or another in constant change. The change can be chaotic, or peaceful, but everything is in motion.

Purusha, on the other hand, is the immutable stillness that rests within each of us. It is that voice that speaks to you when your mind is going wild. She says, “Hey, friend, it’s going to be okay, just breathe.”

Judith Lasater describes prakriti as a torrential rainstorm, and purusha as a warm room with a big window looking out. We can choose to be in the rainstorm – getting soaked, buffeted by wind and rain – or we can come inside, and watch the rainstorm from within a safe, cozy room. It’s our choice.

How might we cultivate purusha amid our busy lives? Exploring that question is why I started Juicy Purusha – a place for us to connect in the immutable soulspace of purusha. Cultivating the wisdom that is inherent within each of us. Juicy Purusha. I hope you like it here.

Deb Halliday

About me

Deb Halliday is a mama, yogini, designer and facilitator. She currently teachers yoga at Hot Yoga Helena. A 300-hour certified Prana Vinyasa® + Soulful Wellness teacher with the Samudra School of Yoga, she channels our natural energetic flow to share a practice that truly is movement alchemy. As a yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, Deb explores spanda, the elements and our energetic body in motion. When she’s not dancing with the divine, she’s channeling it through her firm, Halliday & Associates, working with communities to harness the creative spirit and commitment of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and the public/private sector to tackle complex, systemic challenges.

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