Step into the flow

Ah, what a beautiful full moon we shared on Friday night! The Strawberry Moon, a delightful name given by the Algonquin peoples to honor the ripening of these heart-shaped fruits. The Strawberry Moon invites us to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, and to connect to the love and abundance that surrounds us. To do so, we are called to slow down and open up.

Speaking of slowing down and opening up, please join me this Saturday, June 29 at GardenWerks for a 9:15a yoga flow. Click here for details. And all this summer, we’ll be  exploring Bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion – and Energy Medicine Yoga® flows on Wednesdays at 12:05p and Thursdays at 4:15p at Gentle Healing Downtown. Yummy!

I’ve been taking a deep dive into the divine recently. I became a Universal Life Church minister and held a sacred marriage ceremony for my dear friends on the summer solstice. This spring, I held space for a friend’s baby blessing circle. Pausing and intentionally inviting ritual into our lives connects us to a deep river that, since time immemorial, has connected us to the flow of time, to the Earth, and to one another.

I hope to see you in the flow, my beautiful friends.

Love in all ways, – Deb

Deb Halliday

About me

Deb Halliday is a mama, yogini, writer and facilitator. She currently teachers yoga at Gentle Healing Yoga in Helena, Montana. Deb is a 300-hour certified Prana Vinyasa® + Soulful Wellness teacher with the Samudra School of Yoga as well as an Energy Medicine Yoga® Foundations Teacher. She channels our natural energetic flow to share a practice that truly is movement alchemy. As a yoga practitioner for more than 20 years, Deb explores spanda, the elements and our energetic body in motion. When she’s not dancing with the divine, she’s channeling it through her firm, Halliday & Associates, working with communities to harness the creative spirit and commitment of nonprofit organizations, philanthropy, and the public/private sector.

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